Challenges of Insurance Industry:

It is evident that the insurance industry fights against risks every day. Data created or collected or recorded from each application should be securely stored and authorized for accessibility by multiple approval processes and is prone to numerous challenges. The insurance industry's primary focus is to a dynamic business with potential upward growth while concentrating on minimizing risks and reducing the overall cost for sustainability. The customers of insurance companies demand high-speed yet transparent processes that would get offered with consistent quality across multiple channels.

The aging and legacy IT systems can hardly meet these complex domain functionalities and demanding compliance requirements. Due to the rigidity and complexity of the current IT systems and solutions, it is leading to a high measure of dissatisfaction of customers or exceedingly high financial and operational risk. Developing an entirely new solution becomes unsustainable for insurers. To deal with such challenges, ProAutomate can help Insurance companies find appropriate solutions that are not only cost-effective but also does not require a significant change in their IT architecture.

Insurance Industry
AI & RPA insurance

ProAutomate AI & RPA Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies have a voluminous and critical customer data to be dealt with on an everyday basis. ProAutomate not only provides solutions for customers to expect speed and accuracy in the service but also intuitive interaction and engagement to acquire the best insurance scheme as per their requirements. ProAutomate AI & RPA solutions in the insurance domain can easily free up 20-30% of the workforce capacity at the organization level. Its RPA Processes can enable to streamline of several processes including claims compliance checks, internal audits, policy planning, and several other repetitive and rule-based process. ProAutomate can enable the insurance companies to be scalable at any level in the business where its intelligent agents imitate human actions on computers including keystrokes and mouse clicks which help interact with the user interface of different applications.

Below are some of the key ProAutomate solutions that can be easily implemented in the Insurance business.

  • New business & underwriting
  • Claims processing
  • Business & process analytics
  • The manual data entry process
  • Policy subscription & cancelation
  • Regulatory compliance
Insurance business