Challenges of Healthcare Industry:

To stay at par and mark themselves in the global digital era, the Healthcare industry is now adopting RPA and AI solutions to reduce human errors that have cost them a lot in the past both in terms of time and money.

Voluminous data that gets transferred to the healthcare industry every day. From and collecting and storing patient’s information to scheduling appointments with the available HCPs to collecting lab-test results from different departments and to the reconciliation of payments and receivables in the accounts department, the entire healthcare data management is very cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to high-error when handled manually.

The slightest blunder in interpreting the patient’s data might trigger a wrong insurance policy affecting the insurance industry as well. Moving data manually from patients to the doctor or from one department to another and compiling all the data into one report or repository, is the biggest challenge that the healthcare industry will be facing the current scenario.

AI & RPA-solutions

ProAutomate AI & RPA solutions can streamline the Healthcare industry.

ProAutomate has been working with the healthcare industry enabling them to progress towards digital transformations with a lot of automation of several healthcare processes to improve their overall efficiency.

ProAutomate AI & RPA solutions in the healthcare industry results in a higher degree of operational efficiency and transparency. ProAutomate's intelligent agents can ideally be used for monitoring, calibrating, and reporting various healthcare activities like HCP consulting, patient diagnosis, surgery, pre-ops processes, prescription analysis, patient registration, scheduling appointment, and others. These intelligent agents are and wellness-centric & result-driven agents enabling the improvement of the customer interaction and visibility of the data with the customers.

Below are some of the RPA solutions for healthcare that can be easily implemented:

  • Invoice Automation
  • Patient & Doctor Scheduling
  • RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Automation
  • Audit Procedures
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Healthcare Workflow Management
  • New Patient Registration
  • Mediclaim
  • Better Care Cycle
RPA solutions