Challenges of eCommerce & Retail Industry:

The eCommerce & retail industry has been growing exponentially in the last decade. With eCommerce being reachable, online customers are experiencing a different retail experience altogether with a variety of products to choose from. eCommerce has enabled many companies to enter the retail business and has led to increasing competition in the market. Hence, the difficulty in retaining customers to one retail store has marked a greater challenge by other retail industries. Retailers in today's business have to make use of a lot of customer analytics and workflow management and to update customer reviews and feedback. Without getting these processes automated, these repetitive tasks seem to be very tedious and impossible for the retailers to cope up and withstand against the competitors.

Retail Industry

How is ProAutomate is helping in the eCommerce & Retail Industry?

ProAutomate can help the eCommerce and retail industry by automating the tasks with speed and accuracy thereby reducing overall time and cost of the process along with increasing the efficiency of the process. ProAutomate can help automate several eCommerce and retail processes including inventory, supply chain, returns, invoice to good receipt matching, and store planning management activities. ProAutomate can also integrate with eCommerce systems to perform various office-related tasks pertaining to HR and Finance along with retail.

Below are some of the RPA Retail solutions that can be easily implemented in eCommerce & retail business:

  • Master data management
  • Product catalog management
  • Invoice to good receipt matching
  • Return processing
  • Workflow management
  • Customer support management
  • ERP management
  • Accounting & finance
  • Demand and supply planning
  • Marketing & consumer behavior
  • Logistics and supply chain management