ProAutomate delivers next-generation NLP application development capabilities, either to build new solutions or innovatively leverage on the current solutions by incorporating conversational intelligence. Our NLP capabilities yield advanced comprehension of human language, building solutions that perceive and steer through tough business contention.

Our NLP Capabilities

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Mining Integration
  • Speech Recognition
  • Computer-Assisted Coding
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Translation
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Market Intelligence
Natural Language Processing

What we offer using AI-Driven NLP services?

Entity Recognition

Entity Recognition

  • Identify various entities in text and classify them to extract data in any type of text, from web page, piece of news or content of social media.
Sentiment Analysis


  • Providing accurate results with sentiment-analysis solutions while following human in the loop approach to go beyond and provide the intent behind the sentiments.
Intent Classification

Intent Classification

  • Follow human in the loop approach that helps in understanding the intent behind the conversation properly.
Text Categorization

Text Categorization

  • Classify text into categories by simplifying complex article or detection of spam in the emails and any other service you require related to the text classification.
Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

  • Ensure improved search relevance and by observing purchasing behavior and browsing patterns of the customer.
Risk Management

Risk Management and Fraud Detection

  • Leverage & examine critical financial documents, contract documents, and particular communications to find out business risks and frauds in-time.