Computer Vision

Computer vision scans, captures, processes, analyzes, and understands digital images and videos. It allows for the computer and other machines to see through, and recognize like the human eye does and generates actionable insights as per programmed algorithms. With computer vision technology, unique business challenges are analyzed and addressed to improve efficiency using several processes including image processing and enhancement, Image classification, detection, feature and pattern recognition, reconstructing using 3D image, and video analytics.

ProAutomate platform specializes in computer vision algorithm development to fuel breakthrough innovation in image processing to build and deliver high-end CV solutions that will bring real changes for the business to operate and implement strategies to yield better results. ProAutomate enables clients to improve the workflow of their business processes by extracting data from several images, live video streams, and video frames, etc.

Automate Manual

Automate Manual and Repetitive Tasks With OCR & Data Capturing

  • Enterprises daily deal with voluminous data which grows exponentially. ProAutomate delivers high-end solutions to automatically find, capture, and extract data from unstructured data sets to cut low on manual processes.
Harnessing Big Data

Harnessing Big Data with Object Segmentation

  • Accurate models can be generated in real-time by using 3D modeling which is in high demand for computer graphics, voice recognition, and communication. ProAutomate enables the easy generation of immersive 3D models of the physical world with great speed.
Multi Object Detection Models

Multi-Object Detection Models for Automatic Image Tagging

  • ProAutomate enables convolutional neural networks to train the machines for recognizing different objects. And, design and train algorithms to automatically identify people and objects in a given image. ProAutomate can enable multi-object detection for e-commerce organizations and social media platforms to enhance the customer experience in retail, logistics, and supply chain.
Extract More Insights

Extract More Insights From Visual Data Using Image Segmentation Models

  • ProAutomate platform enables the splitting of the image into meaningful parts using 'image segmentation' to make it easier for machines to understand, process, and analyze, and has multiple applications for tracking objects, processing medical images, and enable face recognition.
Product Match

Product-Match and Provide Accurate Recommendations

  • ProAutomate enables image similarity search for quickly identifying similar products based on visual attributes such as texture, shape, and color. The product-matching and recommendation technology tackles massive amounts of unstructured data more efficiently, and helps in increasing ROI, preventing cost overruns, and adds value to the outcomes.
Improve Customer service

Improve Customer Service with Facial Recognition Technology

  • ProAutomate delivers deep learning algorithms to automate the data gathering and storing processes on an individual’s facial characteristics. It enables comparative analysis using live-captured or scanned images to verify identity, increase security, and facilitate access control.
logo detection

Logo Detection & Brand Monitoring

  • ProAutomate's object detection algorithms facilitate the presence of specific objects in a given image to train a custom-built algorithm. It enables the assistance for organizations and individuals by delivering machine learning-based logo detection and brand monitoring systems and delivers accurate brand visibility analytics.