Data Science (Big Data)

Unravel Data Opportunities with Innovative Means...

ProAutomate has extensive expertise in data science practices that enables enterprises to make smart decisions based on several facets of big data providing analytical services to enable clients in providing valuable insights on business processes and determining futuristic possibilities.

Data Science (Big Data)

How We Apply Our Data Science Expertise


Big Data Analytics

  • Big data project assessment
  • Would-be solution analysis
  • DW architecture, development & support
  • ETL (extract transform & load)
  • Querying & reporting
  • Scalable solutions for structured and unstructured data
  • Data lake implementation
NLP Text Analysis

NLP & Text Analysis

  • Enabling customer engagement with NLP using semantic search, speech recognition, text categorization & information extraction.
Computer Vision

Computer Vision

  • Automating manual and repetitive Tasks with OCR & data capturing
  • Harnessing big data using 3D point clouds with object segmentation
  • Automatically tagging images for multi-object detection models
  • Insights from visual data with image segmentation models
  • Providing accurate recommendations with Image matching & similarity search
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

  • Predicting customer churn to initiate effective actions
  • Recommendation systems to learn and tailor individual specific
  • Customer segmentation to understand and improve market center
  • Value optimization by leveraging CRM data
  • Credit scoring models to improve quality
  • Demand forecasting to meet market needs
business intelligence

Implementing business intelligence

  • BI (business intelligence) and Data Warehouse consulting services
  • Solution architecture development
  • Big data synchronization algorithms
  • Data warehouse analysis services
  • Data warehouse implementation strategies