Deep Voice Assistants

Conversation AI with deep voice assistants that understands you.

ProAutomate helps in delivering conversational AI applications while the business evolves and grows as scalable, multi-lingual and device independent.

Deep Voice Assistants
  • Streamlined Conversations - voice assistants enable users to perform multitasking and can either be alone or amongst a group of people when using them.
  • Compatibility & Integration - The idea behind this technology is for manufacturers to create custom devices that serve specific functions and are integrated with these smart voice assistants.
  • Individualized Experiences – Offers more individualized experiences as they get better at differentiating between voices.
  • Voice Push Notification - voice and visual displays are merging into one seamless experience showcasing weather, local traffic information, or calendar events and many more.

Voice Assistant – Features

Item Description
NLP Using NLP and Voice recognitions assistants, offer extensive vocabulary of thousands of words, including medical procedures, terms, drugs, diagnoses and symptoms. Enabling the creation of multiple vocabularies for specialty customization if desired
Voice Recognition Algorithm for decoding time-synchronous system for vocabulary for full/partial sentential hypothesis
Rapid Match Helps reduce the search space dramatically by proposing any given frame with a relatively small number of word/ phrases that are likely to start at that frame to seed word match.
Training of Acoustic Models To make extensive use of phonetic modeling for recognition
Recognition Performance Performance will be identified using
Word error rate (WER%)
Sentence error rate (SER%)
Char error rate (CER%)