Predictive Analytics

Ability to predict future helps in proactively paving the steps to change it. ProAutomate's AI enabled predictive analytics are proven — and always has been improving as the data sets grow.

With a wide range of statistical and machine learning techniques, ProAutomate's Predictive Analytics solution has become vital in today’s data-centric world. These AI-backed predictive analytics solution enables the study and understand patterns in historical data and then apply these to make predictions about the future. Its applications range from customer behavior prediction, business forecasting, fraud detection, credit risk assessment, and analysis of life sciences data.

Predictive Analytics


Data mining

Data-mining for meaningful insights

  • Enable process optimization in real-time, schedule data fixes before something breaks, make instant offers to customers based on real-time behavior.
Avoid costly downtime

Avoid costly downtime

  • AI-backed instant response enables the industry’s leading streaming analytics engine and predictive modeling to spot anomalies and eliminate data noise on the production line.
Accessible Analytics

Accessible Analytics

  • Gain insights easily via a user-friendly UI console that's designed for operational managers, not just technologists.
Automated data

Automated data analysis on the fly

  • Automatically identify patterns, and aggregate data with further analysis, alerts, and notifications.
Leverage machine

Leverage machine learning models

  • Enable the creation, training, and execution of machine learning models for predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and demand forecasting.