IO Team

With an innovation-friendly approach through our IO (intelligent operations) services, ProAutomate effectively enables to leverage automation at scale by applying the right governance structure, wherein the co-existence o humans and virtual agents enable to collaborate to drive better and define more reliable decisions. ProAutomate's IO (intelligent operations) Team helps in managing exception handling and retraining the models across business processes. With deep AI/ML experts and IO Team, ProAutomate can help you evaluate, maximize, and scale opportunities as they arise.

Intelligent Operations


Skilled Intelligent Team

Skilled Intelligent Team

  • Highly skilled and trained professionals to meticulously perform the process tasks. Manually manage the exceptions and train the models for efficiencies.
Build Train the Model

Build & Train the Model

  • Train the model to improve by either making them more complex (to better fit the data) or simpler (to reduce the chance of overfitting).
Scalability and Adaptability

Scalability and Adaptability

  • Adaptable capabilities to scale-up as process dynamics constantly change, thus ensuring continuity.
Assured Data Quality

Assured Data Quality and Accuracy

  • ProAutomate's dedicated IO Team works closely with the data management team to ensure data accuracy for avoiding any sort of exceptions. Increasing the diversity of cases and the number of inputs allows the model for easier distinguishing between cases, thus improving its accuracy.
Model Driven

Model-Driven Exception Handling

  • ProAutomate enables statistical optimization or simulation such as linear programming for forecasting demand insights.
Communication Driven

Communication-Driven Exception Handling

  • ProAutomate provides relevant aid in effectively sharing information between members of a group or team.
Data Driven

Data-Driven Exception Handling

  • ProAutomate provides the relevant aid in the collection and manipulation of voluminous internal and external organization data.
Document Driven

Document-Driven Exception Handling

  • Exception handling while processing and manipulating electronic documents.
Knowledge Driven

Knowledge-Driven Exception Handling

  • ProAutomate enables the application of information from human expertise in areas such as business procedures, processes and rules, to generate decisive suggestions for any specific domain.
Data Security

Data Security and Confidentiality

  • ProAutomate enables the adherence to strict regulatory compliance and enabling the enforcement of the best practices of data security.
Analytical Reporting Updates

Analytical Reporting & Updates

  • ProAutomate provides insightful transparency and client-control over the project.